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This widget provides CEST analysis using the Fabber Bayesian model fitting framework.


The following tutorials provide a walkthrough of a CEST analysis:


The following publications are useful citations for the QuantiCEST processing widget:

  • Bayesian inference method: Chappell MA, Groves AR, Whitcher B, Woolrich MW. Variational Bayesian inference for a non-linear forward model. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 57(1):223-236, 2009.
  • Bayesian CEST analysis: Chappell, M. A., Donahue, M. J., Tee, Y. K., Khrapitchev, A. A., Sibson, N. R., Jezzard, P., & Payne, S. J. (2012). Quantitative Bayesian model-based analysis of amide proton transfer MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. doi:10.1002/mrm.24474