Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL) MRI

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This widget provides a complete pipeline for Arterial Spin Labelling MRI analysis using the Fabber Bayesian model fitting framework. The pipeline is designed for brain ASL MRI scans and some of the options assume this, however with care it could be used for other types of ASL scan.


This set of pages goes through each page of the widget in turn an explains the options systematically with some examples.


The following publications are useful citations for various features of the ASL processing pipeline:

  • Bayesian inference method: Chappell MA, Groves AR, Whitcher B, Woolrich MW. Variational Bayesian inference for a non-linear forward model. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 57(1):223-236, 2009.
  • Spatial regularization: A.R. Groves, M.A. Chappell, M.W. Woolrich, Combined Spatial and Non-Spatial Prior for Inference on MRI Time-Series , NeuroImage 45(3) 795-809, 2009.
  • Arterial contribution to signal: Chappell MA, MacIntosh BJ, Donahue MJ, Gunther M, Jezzard P, Woolrich MW. Separation of Intravascular Signal in Multi-Inversion Time Arterial Spin Labelling MRI. Magn Reson Med 63(5):1357-1365, 2010.
  • Partial volume correction: Chappell MA, MacIntosh BJ, Donahue MJ,Jezzard P, Woolrich MW. Partial volume correction of multiple inversion time arterial spin labeling MRI data, Magn Reson Med, 65(4):1173-1183, 2011.