Models available for Bayesian DCE modelling

Currently five models DCE models are available in the Bayesian DCE widget. These models are implemented using the Fabber. model fitting framework [1]. More details about the implementation of these models is given in the Fabber DCE documentation.

The standard and extended one-compartment Tofts model [2]

The Extended Tofts model differes from the standard model in the inclusion of the \(V_p\) parameter.

The two-compartment exchange model (2CXM) [3]

The Compartmental Tissue Uptake model (CTU) [4]

The Adiabatic Approximation to the Tissue Homogeniety model (AATH) [5]


[1]Chappell, M.A., Groves, A.R., Woolrich, M.W., “Variational Bayesian inference for a non-linear forward model”, IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc., 2009, 57(1), 223–236.