Using the console

The console is an advanced tool which allows you to interact directly with the data structures within the program. You might use this to perform processing steps which don’t have a predefined widget, using the full power of Python and the Numpy and Scipy libraries.

To open the console, select Console from the Advanced menu.


Objects provided

The main predefined variables are:

  • ivm - The volume management object. It provides the add_data and add_roi methods you need to get data into the viewer
  • Each existing data item is a named variable - for example if you have an overlay named T10 there will be a variable T10 which contains the data.

The following namespaces are predefined:

  • np - The Numpy module

Working with data

Data objects are subclasses of Numpy arrays and can support any operations on them. To add new data into the viewer you use the add_data() or add_roi() methods.


  • Create a series of data objects by adding varying levels of Gaussian noise to an existing data set

This creates 5 new data sets containing the original test_data plus random Gaussian noise with mean 0 and standard deviations between 1000 and 5000.